Schneider has grown from a local woodshop into a powerful, multinational company at the peak of our industry, yet still run as the same family business as when it started.


Schneider GB Ltd is proud to be a member of that family and its history.

Matthaus Schneider opened a carpentry and woodworking shop in Randenweiler, Germany in 1919, for small scale production and artistry.
Gebruder Schneider Founded
Global Offices
Manufacturing Locations

Gebruder Schneider

In 1960, Alfons Schneider, senior, founded the company Gebrüder Schneider in Stimpfach, Germany. Originally designed as a producer of wooden windows for large building projects. In just 4 years, GS began production in wood-aluminium windows, beginning the path to the aluminium facades that we are now famous for.

In 1981, GS began fabrication of full aluminium façade and windows with a vast new production area.

1986 brought the foundation of Schneider GB Ltd, the first international arm of the Schneider Group. Initially a sales office for the blossoming Gebruder Schneider, we grew into the hub of all works in the UK, handling British projects and creating stunning façades.

Company growth

Since the 80s, we have grown, not just as a company but in the scale of projects. Towering skyscrapers, residential installations, striking colours and unique designs – Schneider has the experience, skill and talent to make any façade project a reality, and our team is ever-growing and ever-improving to ensure that your façade will be the best that it can be.