Schneider GB Ltd manages all aspects of the logistical process, starting with delivery to the site teams, inspections and sign offs. Using a bespoke and rigorously tested management system, we always have every step of the way planned.

We pride ourselves on always creating a full and detailed method statement for every step of the job, which is what has given us such a stellar safety record in the industry.


Safety on the construction site. The safety of both our team and of everyone else on site and off site is our absolute priority. For this reason, Schneider has created and operates a comprehensive safety management system, comprising of constant training and relearning of skills, ensuring availability for training to all staff, continuous monitoring and overviews of the installation and methods to ensure safety and compliance, and regular external inspections and audits.


With decades of experience and a talented, dedicated team, we strive for the installation of your façade to be done smoothly, quickly and with the utmost professionalism and care. We only use the most current methods and equipment to actualise this, and we will never skimp on quality, safety or our own high standards.



  • Manipulators: robot-assisted element installation from the inside to the outside using purpose-built multi-axis movable grippers,

  • Spider cranes: stands securely on the ground, even on uneven terrain thanks to the spider legs, and secures the panel element from above and outside during the installation work

  • Vacuum suction cups: The glass elements and panels are lifted with powerful suction cups and transported to the place of use

  • Monorail systems: Lifting devices for the element installation are moved on a rail along the side of the building

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