Schneider GB Ltd. have been looking at how we can play our part in the reduction of greenhouse gases, to protect the planet for future generations. We believe that one of the most practical ways is by practicing sustainability – in the interest of future generations.

Conservation of Resources

Minimise our environmental impact, and deliver community benefits, through better selection and improved usage of products and services; 

Supply chain management

Foster innovation in our supply markets to increase the availability and effectiveness of sustainable solutions that meet our organisational requirements.

Timber sourcing

Ensure all timber products are from FSC or PEFC accredited suppliers with a transparent chain of custody.  

Thinking locally

Encourage our suppliers to adopt practices that minimise their environmental impact and deliver community benefits in relation to their own operations and throughout the supply chains in which they operate. 


Work in partnership with suppliers to achieve our common goals and continually improve performance over time. 

Better sourcing

Work with clients to help find more environmental products are used whenever possible on their projects.  

Our head of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality