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+44 207 401 6383 (Monday – Friday, 0800-1630)

Our maintenance department is a highly skilled and capable team, with years of experience making sure that your façade not only lasts for a long time, but also keeps the aesthetics and quality that we guarantee for all projects.


Key Team

The key people involved in maintaining your façade over the warrantee period, leading our on site maintenance team and guiding the work.

Maintenance - Schneider.

Aftercare Services

Maintaining the visual and structural integrity of the façade and installation elements, we ensure the work we have done will last.

Maintenance - Schneider.

Glass Replacement

If the glass we have installed becomes damaged or broken, we offer a complete replacement package following our original designs.

Maintenance - Schneider.

Bespoke Changes and Modifications

If during the project life there are changes to be made, we can respond and modify elements within the existing elements.

Maintenance - Schneider.


We perform in-house surveyance for an accurate and reliable inspection.

Maintenance - Schneider.

Emergency On Call Service

For an emergency situation, we offer a 7-day on call service for rapid response to severe issues.

Maintenance - Schneider.

General Upkeep

For respraying coatings, fixing small issues or all else, we can provide the service to match what your façade needs in the long term.

Please get in touch if you need maintenance, or information on the maintenance department.

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