With over 60 years of experience in manufacture and bespoke construction, we at Schneider use our skills in creating exactly what the client needs. Ranging from steel and aluminium, to glass and ceramic with a whole host of other materials at our fingertips, we can work within any parameters to get the job done in a precise and timely manner. Our production plants in Germany and Poland allow us the space and flexibility to bring the drawings and designs of any job to beautiful life.


Where it all started,
  • Computer-controlled and networked production line for wood and wood-aluminium windows
  • Paint shop and surface finishing
  • Machine and hand tooling for the perfect finish
  • Sourcing of the highest quality timber for your project


  • Steel fabrication
  • Profile cutting and machining
  • Sheet metal processing with punching, drilling and bending machines
  • MIG/MAG/WIG welding

  • Prefabricated construction, frame assembly, glazing and installation of panels in wood, aluminium, steel, natural stone, ceramics, terracotta, composite materials, etc.
  • In-house production control
  • Warehouse & quality control: fully automatically controlled high-bay warehouse with 1,200 storage locations for bar stock cassettes, incoming goods inspection (e.g. measurement of gloss level, coating, profiles etc.)
  • Transport & Logistics: special transport racks, prompt transport by virtue of our own fleet of trucks and the use of experienced forwarding partners.


Not only are our façades built to last the test of time and the elements, we also offer complete maintenance and support for your façade, no matter what the world throws at it.

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