Project Data


Canary Wharf Contractors Group, PLC


Design: Horden Cherry Lee, LondonExecutive: Adamson Associates


2015 – 2020


35,500 m²


Aluminium element facade with front-mounted aluminium sheet diagrids, integrated Juliet sliding doors, roof construction, revolving doors.

Schneider installed 4,243 façade elements for one of the most elegant towers in the United Kingdom. The mighty, steel diagrids were also given an elegant “aluminium dress”.

Luxury living in the former working-class district. Ships from the West Indies used to be unloaded on the Isle of Dogs, but today London has its second major business centre there; Canary Wharf. A spectacular addition to the skyline in many ways is the 226-metre, 62-story Newfoundland Tower, which opened in spring 2021. The tallest “built-to-rent” residential tower in Great Britain offers breathtaking views and first-class services for the tenants of the 636 apartments, and a façade that put the Newfoundland Tower in the top league of the style-defining skyscrapers of Canary Wharf.


Warm silver shine for the aluminium façade. The slender, octagonal shape of the building and the diamond structure that precedes the elemental aluminium façade have rightly earned the Newfoundland Tower the nickname “Diamond”. The diagonal lattice construction ensures the necessary lateral stability against the impact of wind loads. Schneider was commissioned with the roof construction, the cladding of the steel “diagrids” with aluminium sheeting and the planning, production and assembly of the façade element. Sliding doors, specially tailored for use at great heights, were used for the French “Juliette” balconies. They cannot slam even in strong winds and allow for an undisturbed panoramic view of London. At the same time preserving the overall harmonious appearance of the façade.