Our dedicated mock-up facilities in Germany and Poland give us the freedom and tools to fully analyse the façade elements prior to installation works and ensure they are fully compliant, and to test them for every safety standard required.

The appearance, functionality and safety of your façade will be fully tested using prototypes and mock-ups. We construct full-size samples that are assembled at our plant for full testing and review. We will carry out inspections, load testing and safety testing to ensure that every element meets our high standards before any work starts.


Testing we carry out includes:
  • Thermal insulation
  • Air permeability
  • Rain resistance
  • Static loads
  • Building acoustics and sound insulation
  • Security; e.g. pendulum impact test, break-in protection and sound insulation classification; explosion test, ballistics test
  • Fire protection; e.g. fire resistance classes, smoke protection, lightning protection
  • Surface protection; e.g. anodic oxidation, powder coating, gloss level of aluminium profiles; hot dip galvanizing, coating, corrosiveness and stainless steel classification of steel profiles

Information on Prototypes and Testing at Gebrüder Schneider

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